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Thank you for visiting the new Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. If you find yourself unfamiliar with the new site, please take a moment to walk through the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud Upgrade Tour.
If you are attempting to access technical documentation, developer resources or installation documents, please visit Oracle.com.
For questions related to support, including patches, updates and maintenance releases, visit My Oracle Support.
If you are having issues returning results on your search, it could be that the search term you are using is not recognized by the system or the software you are looking for is not currently available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. See the Search FAQs below for more tips on optimizing your search.
Oracle recommends that you use a download manager to download your files. You can either use the provided download manager or a third-party download manager of your own choosing.
Outlined below, please find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the navigation and use of the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. If your question is not addressed below, please contact Software Delivery Customer Service.
Popular Questions
What is a Download Package?
What do I enter in the search field?
If I entered the License that is listed on my ordering document, why is it not showing up in the search results?
I can't find the software I'm looking for! What do I do?
What does the 'Download History' button do?
The instructions I have for downloading my software seem to be inaccurate. Why is that?
What browsers are officially supported?
Search Questions
I have entered a search term into the Search field, but nothing is happening. What do I do?
I entered my search term, but there are TOO many results! How do I narrow my options down?
What do the sub-headings at the top of my search results signify?
I've selected my Download Package (DLP) or Release. What's next?
How do I select other Release versions?
I am looking specifically for an older Database Release; why am I unable to find it?
Navigation Questions
Download and Installation Questions
Does Oracle provide a download manager?
How do I use the Download Manager?
Can I pause the download process after I've opened the download manager file?
When I attempt to use the download manager, I am presented with a Web Authentication Login screen. What do I do?
Can I resume my downloads if I close the download manager?
I don't need to download all of the files shown; can I download one or two of them?
The 'Download' button is grayed out and I cannot click the button. What do I do now?
I'm using a Linux machine - will I be able to download all of my files at the same time?
Why does some software require a password to download and how do I obtain a password?
How do I obtain license codes, keys, or software protection codes?
Why am I getting a 0-byte file?
Why am I getting connection errors while downloading?
What are the disk space requirements for downloading products?
Can I use FTP to download Filesets?
How do I download Filesets using WGET?
How do I extract a zip file?
How do I now install the product after I've unzipped the zip file?
How do I now install the product after I have downloaded an ISO file?
What is the 'View Digest Details' link?
How do I know if my file downloaded correctly?
What should I do if I still have a download issue?
Account Questions
How do I validate my email address?
How do I update my Oracle account?
How do I update the email address or change the username on my Oracle account?
What should I do if I am having trouble with my Oracle account?
Contact Us
Whom do I contact to provide Oracle with feedback regarding the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud?
Other Information
Is software acquired by Oracle available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud?
Where can I find older versions of Oracle products?
Where can I find Oracle applications for mobile devices?
When is the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud updated?
How do I get third-party software required to run my application?
Where can I get additional technical documentation for Oracle products?
Where do I get technical support?
How can I get information regarding licensing, support and other purchasable products?
Where can I get copyright information for embedded third-party products?
Where can I learn about Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy?
Where can I get access to developer resources?
How can I get training on Oracle products?
How do I find out about Oracle's educational initiatives for students?
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